What Do They Check in a Car Inspection?

Car Inspection Galleria BMW

Having your car looked at by a group of professionals is just a routine part of overall maintenance and care. Yet what do these professionals check during a car inspection? Well, the answer depends on the amount of miles that your vehicle has plus the driving conditions your model is exposed to each day near D’lberville, Biloxi, and Gulfport.

To give you a better idea of what inspections are and how they improve the welfare of your car, our Galleria BMW team thought some brief insight into automotive inspections would be useful!

Car Inspections Over Time

Before getting into specific parts and performance features that are inspected when you bring your vehicle into the shop, it’s important to understand each inspection is unique. The mileage on your current vehicle, recent driving experiences such as adventurous off-roading, preparation for long road trips, and other factors will play into the parts of your car that are inspected.

The goal is to ensure that your vehicle is properly prepped for your specific driving habits, along with being prepped for more generalized needs that each vehicle faces as it ages.

Routine Parts Checked During an Inspection

Engine Check During InspectionWhether you have your car stop into the shop for an inspection annually or semi-annually, a few routine pieces will be looked over each time.

The main inspection points center around the reliability of the engine and the overall safety of your vehicle. For the engine, air filters will be swapped out, the motor oil will be considered, bolts and joints will be tightened and secured, and the overall wear and tear will be factored in as well.

For safety purposes, the quality of your tires jumps out right away, with a tire rotation typically executed to keep specific tires from wearing too quickly. Additionally, the responsiveness and stopping power of your brakes will be tested. If your model has advanced driver-assistance technology, this too will be inspected to ensure that your model is properly protecting you.

Inspecting Specific Parts of Your Vehicle Over Time

Parts InspectionAs your model racks up the miles, new parts will be inspected. The brake pads and rotors, the spark plugs, the transmission fluid, and many other performance facets must be taken into consideration.

Part of the inspection process also relies on you. You know your car better than anyone, and if you see a downtick in performance or notice some funky kinks while driving, it’s important to mention these. The certified technicians on our staff will look into any anomalies your model may be displaying during everyday driving!

Have a Quick Car Inspection!

Near D’lberville, Biloxi, or Gulfport and want to have your model inspected? At Galleria BMW, you can book a visit to our service shop online and your inspection will be locked in. The certified technicians on our staff can perform prompt and thorough services so you can get back to your daily routine!