How to Change Your Tire

For many around Gulfport, D’Iberville, and Biloxi, MS, spending a Saturday working on their car is a relaxing and rewarding experience. If you’re getting into do-it-yourself automotive service, one of the first jobs you may be interested in learning is how to change your tire. At Galleria BMW, we thought outlining this straightforward procedure would give locals a leg-up when it comes time to throw on some new tires or make a sudden replacement on the roadside.

The process is quite simple, no matter which model you drive. Of course, if you have additional questions on a subject we don’t discuss in this overview, reach out to our accommodating staff!

Place the Parking Brake On

If you’re attempting to change your tires on the side of the road, you can put the parking brake into place to avoid any movement. If you’re changing your tire in your own garage or driveway, you can use the parking brake or some other method to ensure the vehicle doesn’t move while you’re working!

Place Wheel Wedges Down

In addition to the parking brake, you can put wheel wedges both in front of and behind your tires. Whether you use real wheel wedges or just some bricks or large stones, the goal is to make sure the vehicle is in a stable position.

Remove the Hubcap

Certain models will require you to remove the hubcap before you are able to reach the lug nuts. If you can reach the lug nuts without removing the hubcap, you can skip this step!

Loosen Lug Nuts

With help from a lug wrench, you should turn the lug nuts counterclockwise. You want to turn them until they become loose, but don’t take them off completely.

Place Jack into Position and Raise the Vehicle

The jack is how you’re going to raise the vehicle off the ground. You want it to be positioned alongside the frame of the vehicle, right next to the flat tire. When lifting, you want the vehicle to come about six inches off the ground.

Unscrew the Lug Nuts, Remove the Tire

Once properly lifted, you can then undo the lug nuts entirely before pulling the wheel off.

Place Your Spare or New Tire on the Lug Bolts

The tire that you’re going to be putting into position should slide right onto the lug bolts you just removed the former tire from. Give the new tire a push until the lug bolts are visible. From there, you can begin to tighten the lug nuts with your hands to secure the new tire!

Lower the Vehicle, Tighten, Lower Again

Before having the lug nuts entirely tightened, you should lower the vehicle, so the new wheel is resting on the ground but not supporting the entire weight of your car. At this point, you can again begin to tighten the lug nuts by turning them clockwise until they are fully secure.

Lower the Vehicle Entirely, Check Tire Pressure

After tightening the lug nuts as much as you can, lower the vehicle all the way to the ground. Once you’ve done so, remove the jack, put away your equipment, and be sure to check the tire pressure of your wheel. If the pressure is ideal, you’re ready to be on your way!

Contact Our Service Shop with Questions

While the process to change a tire feels routine after you’ve executed it a few times, many around Gulfport, Biloxi, and D’Iberville, Mississippi, may have questions while getting the hang of it. If so, our Galleria BMW Service Center is always happy to point you in the right direction or show you in person how to change a tire!