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Galleria BMW is proud to be the only Dinan Pro Authorized Dealer in Mississippi! Call our Parts Department at 228-232-0333 or visit us today at 11282 Mandal Pkwy, D’lberville, MS 39540 to learn more about how you can Experience the Dinan Difference in your Ultimate Driving Machine. Our Dinan Performance trained technicians will be happy to help you find the Dinan parts that are best for your BMW.


At Dinan their passion for BMWs is evident in their dedication to designing and producing the most innovative and performance driven BMW products on the market. Serious enthusiasts turn to Dinan because they appreciate their ability to make BMW performance upgrades that outperform the rest of the BMW aftermarket industry. When customers want performance they turn to Dinan first: if there is a specific BMW upgrade that you have in mind, chances are they can do it. At Galleria BMW, we are happy to help you figure out what that upgrade may be.

With 35 years of experience working with BMWs, Dinan engineers operate with the understanding that BMW owners view their cars as more than just cars. They offer these upgrades by creating top of the line BMW solutions, with massive amounts of R&D behind everything they build. Dinan’s BMW products aren’t merely just parts; they are portals that allow them to take a BMW from good, too great. All the products from Dinan come to our customers with the best warranty in the BMW aftermarket business with a BMW factory matching 4 year or 50,000-mile new car warranty.

Dinan is the only company that offers BMW performance products through the BMW dealership network. No insignificant feat considering how grueling BMW standards are to uphold its claim to the “Ultimate Driving Machine”.



Engines need oxygen rich air to perform at peake levels. Dinan’s Cold Air Inakes gather this cooler air and feeds it through a sealed system into the engine at larger volumes than the stock setup provides.


Dinan exhaust systems improve exhaust flow by reducing back pressure, resulting in increased power output and a great sporty sound. These look as good as they sound.


Dinan designs suspension systems that are much more than just lowering the ride height. They also provide improved cornering ability and a lower center of gravity. The perfectly integrate form and function.


Dinan is world renowned for its BMW performance software. Software is what Dinan was built on and what it excels at. Dinan software augments your factory BMW and gives it aspirations of grandeur with new found acceleration and speed.


The job of an intercooler is simply to reduce the temperature of air that has been compressed by a turbocharger. Dinan’s intercoolers increase the overall volume of air that can be cooled while also raising the density of air, meaning more cold, oxygen rich air is available to the engine.


Dinan has a wide selection of accessories available allowing you to customize your Ultimate Driving Machine precisely the way you would like to. From pedal cover sets, to windshield banners, license plate frames, logos, and everything in between, make sure you don’t skip out here!

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