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2019 BMW X7All PagesThe ongoing debate between buying vs. leasing impacts many drivers in the D’lberville, Biloxi, and Gulfport areas. Should you commit to a model for the long term or alternate different models every few years? What are the key differences between buying and leasing? Is one option better than the other for my specific lifestyle?

To address the many questions about buying vs. leasing, our team at Galleria BMW put together this handy guide. Feel free to contact us directly after you’ve read the following rundown about the benefits of buying vs. leasing. We’ll be happy to answer any lingering questions you may have about either option.

Benefits of Buying

Many drivers enjoy buying a car, paying it off, and ultimately taking full ownership of the vehicle. There are quite a few benefits to car ownership.

2019 BMW 7 Series

For instance, if you enjoy driving a specific vehicle, buying the model means you’ll be able to drive it for years to come. If the car receives regular maintenance and care, it can run for well over 150,000 miles.

Buying also makes sense if you want to customize certain aspects of the vehicle. When you’ve purchased a car, you can make whatever changes you wish, whether that involves adding a set of special tires, altering the exterior styling, or refurbishing the interior.

Lastly, the long-term nature of buying a car means you can use it for different purposes throughout the years. For instance, if you have young children now, they’ll eventually become drivers, too. Not only will you be able to pass down to them a vehicle that you trust, but it will also enable you to shop for a new car for yourself!

Benefits of Leasing

Buy vs Lease Galleria BMWLeasing caters to drivers who get excited when they take a new model out on the open road.

When you lease, you’re essentially renting the vehicle for a set period of time. After the lease ends, you simply return the vehicle and can begin to lease a newer model. In the end, you usually won’t be driving a car that’s more than two or three years old.

By driving current models, you’ll receive the latest in performance, styling, technology, safety, and more. Of course, in time, your lifestyle needs may evolve. You might desire a sports sedan now, but in a few years, you may realize an SUV is the proper fit. With leasing, you can easily transition from one model to the next.

So, Lease or Buy?

Buy vs Lease from Galleria BMW D'lberville MSTo answer the leasing vs. buying question, you simply need to look at your lifestyle to understand your own preferences.

If the allure of having the latest model appeals to you, leasing is likely the right decision. If you consider cars as long-term investments, buying may be the better choice for you.

Buy or Lease at Our BMW Dealership

Whether you want to buy, lease, or continue talking about both options, come to Galleria BMW. We can help you make the right decision for your lifestyle around D’lberville, Biloxi, and Gulfport!