Brake Pads vs Rotors

brake repairThe various mechanical bits that help your model perform at its best need to be properly maintained and serviced over time. Before you can do that though, it’s important to know what parts are doing what jobs. For those around D’lberville, Gulfport, and Biloxi, the brake pads vs. rotors question is a reoccurring one. To provide insight about these two key aspects of your vehicle’s performance, our Galleria BMW team thought a rundown of each piece would be helpful.

The following is an overview of the differences between your brake pads and your rotors!

About Brake Pads

Both brake pads and rotors play a role in helping your BMW model decelerate with confidence. Despite working towards the same aim, pads and rotors are different in quite a few ways.

Brake pads are steel plates, typically rectangular, which are coated in a friction-reducing material such as ceramic or metallic. The hardness of brake pads may vary to help alter the driving dynamics of the vehicle. The pads can be quite soft or rather rigid, depending on the model you drive.

With assistance from the brake calipers, pressure is applied to the brake pads when you press down on the pedal. The pressure is what allows your vehicle to stop so suddenly. It’s also why you should ease into your brake pedal rather than slamming on it, as the friction can wear down the brake pads quickly when driving aggressively.

About Brake Rotors

rotorsNow that you have a feel for brake pads, we’ll touch on the role the rotors play in your car’s performance.

Rotors are also referred to as brake discs because of their shape. The circular rotors are attached to the axle of your BMW and spin between the calipers when you’re trying to slow down.

Rotors are always hard, usually made of some material like grey cast iron or steel. Other aspects of the brake rotors—such as their size and density— is subject to change.

How Often Should I Change My Brake Rotors and Pads?

Over time, you’ll be required to swap out both your brake pads and your rotors. The typical estimate is every 50,000 miles, but that number will shift depending on key factors.

The type of vehicle that you drive is important, for instance. The more stress you put on the pads or rotors, the quicker they wear down. So heavy-duty trucks and high-performance models may require their pads and rotors to be swapped out with more regularity.

Other exterior factors that come into play include the type of weather that your vehicle is subjected to, and the type of driving you do daily. If you commute through stand-still traffic each morning, the constant starting and stopping can wear down various components of the brakes!

Brake Pads vs Rotors: Both Key to Your Vehicle’s Performance

In the end, you need to maintain your brake pads and rotors to get the most from your vehicle around D’lberville, Biloxi, and Gulfport.

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