BMW X3 vs Mercedes GLC

Two of the more luxurious SUVs that you may see around D’lberville, Biloxi, and Gulfport would be the BMW X3 vs. the Mercedes GLC. Each model dazzles with its performance, can seat the entire family comfortably, and comes with a wealth of technology for infotainment and safety. While they have similarities, they also have unique differences.

At Galleria BMW, we wanted to give you an objective look at the BMW X3 and Mercedes GLC. To do that, we decided to run through key specifications you may be wondering about in the coming sections!

2020 BMW X3

How Much Cargo Room in Each SUV?

Carving out the most cabin space is a big priority for even the most luxurious SUVs. The BMW X3 and Mercedes GLC each do what they can to offer generous seating plus room for cargo and other belongings.

While cargo room is close, the BMW X3 has the edge. If you keep the second-row seats standing, you can utilize 28.7 cubic feet of room. Fold those seats flat and the number grows to 62.7 cubic feet.

For the Mercedes GLC, you only have 19.4 cubic feet of space behind the second row. Even if you fold the second row flat, the maximum cargo volume of 56.6 cubic feet can’t match the BMW.

Finally, the BMW X3 has a tall roof that provides 41.1 inches of front headroom compared to just 37.8 inches in the first row of the Mercedes.

Prioritizing Fuel Efficiency

Whether you’re using your SUV as a commuter vehicle or you’re shuttling your kids around town from practice to daycare, it’s nice to have a model that emphasizes fuel economy. While these rivals are both pretty efficient, the BMW X3 has a couple of noticeable advantages.

With each model’s base engine in place, the BMW X3 receives an EPA-estimated 25 city/29 highway MPG, while the Mercedes GLC receives 22 city/29 highway MPG.

If you want, you can also option both SUVs to have some electric influence. While each model still relies on a gas engine, this motor will work in unison with an electric motor to significantly increase your efficiency.

Safety Comes Standard

Given the advanced nature of the BMW X3 and Mercedes GLC, it’s not surprising to see cutting-edge driver-assistance systems standard in each luxury offering. Without moving up to higher trims or tacking packages onto your model, the BMW X3 appears safer than the GLC.

Features that come standard in the BMW that don’t come standard with the Mercedes would be Active Guard with Frontal Collision Warning, Automatic City Collision Mitigation, and Braking including Daytime Pedestrian Detection.

The 2020 BMW X3 Outdoes the Mercedes GLC

Both luxury SUVs will draw attention around D’lberville, Biloxi, and Gulfport, but it’s the BMW X3 that offers a more appealing mixture of safety, space, and efficiency.

At Galleria BMW, we’ll happily arrange a test drive, so you can see how this SUV feels when you’re behind the wheel! Contact us today!

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