Three powerhouse players in the luxury automotive segment would be BMW vs. Audi vs. Mercedes. If you’re seeking a car with grace, sophistication, performance, and style, turning to any of these German brands would be a wise decision. So how do you decide which luxury manufacturer is right for your needs around D’lberville, Biloxi, and Gulfport? To help, our Galleria BMW team thought we’d compare BMW, Audi, and Mercedes side-by-side.While the following doesn’t touch on every model in these luxury brands’ lineups, it does highlight a few key traits folks search for when diving into the luxury segment!

BMW vs Audi vs Mercedes Talking Performance

There’s a tangible thrill that comes along with settling behind the wheel of a proper high-performance model. For any of BMW, Audi, or Mercedes, you can choose from a caravan of athletic sedans and coupes. Each brand has a designation for their performance-oriented options as wellM Division models for BMW, AMG models for Mercedes, and for Audi, it comes in the form of RS trim variants. So, does one automaker have an edge over the other two? Well, if you want to pair all that performance with the practicality of an SUV, your go-to should be BMW.

BMW makes M variants of many different vehicles, including their acclaimed SUV lineup. Just how athletic can these SUVs become? Well, options like the BMW X5 M Competition deliver an absurd horsepower rating of 617.

It’s not that Mercedes or Audi SUVs are slow; they just can’t touch the performance of BMW. The strongest Mercedes SUV is the GLE 63 S Coupe, which is expected to boast 603 horsepower for 2021, while Audi offers the RS Q8 which, for 2021, is expected to boast 591 horsepower.

BMW vs Audi vs MercedesMaking Family a Priority

If you have a large or still growing family, you can turn to BMW, Audi, and Mercedes for comfortable, refined SUVs with all the convenience you require. While each automaker develops a vehicle capable of shuttling around more than five passengers, BMW gives you the most usable interior space with the BMW X7. The maximum cargo volume of the X7 measures 90.4 cubic feet, and if you want, you can leave the second row standing and still utilize 48.6 cubic feet of cargo room.

For Mercedes, the GLS 580 SUV is the standard-bearer for family transport yet offers 84.7 maximum cargo volume with just 17.4 cubic feet of space with all the rows standing. Similarly tight is the Audi Q7the brand’s largest SUV offers a cargo split of 69.6 cubic feet maximum and 14.2 cubic feet with each row standing.

BMW Outdoes Mercedes, Audi

If any combination of performance and space is at the top of your priority list, you should consider BMW before looking into similar options at Mercedes and Audi. At Galleria BMW, we’ll also be happy to answer your questions or get you behind the wheel of any BMW model you want near Biloxi, Gulfport, and D’lberville!

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