BMW Sedans Overview

BMW has a strong record of building luxurious and high-performance models in all shapes and sizes. If you’ve thought about securing a BMW for your daily travels around D’lberville, Biloxi, and Gulfport, MS, it’s best to do some research first. At Galleria BMW, we want to help nearby drivers quickly learn about the entire BMW lineup, which is what our BMW sedans overview is all about.

Some of the most iconic models ever crafted by BMW have come in sedan form. The modern sedan lineup at BMW represents a wealth of options whether you want to opt for a 2-door or 4-door vehicle!

BMW 2 Series

Available solely in coupe form, the BMW 2 Series is the smallest of the BMW sedan lineup. With it, you can enjoy many of the defining BMW traits such as punchy performance from behind the wheel, recognizable styling cues such as the kidney grille, and high-grade materials in the cabin that exude a sense of luxury.

If you’re keen on a compact commuting car, the BMW 2 Series is a savvy choice.

BMW 3 Series

2020 BMW 3 SeriesFor many, the BMW sedan lineup begins with the BMW 3 Series, which lays claim as perhaps the flagship model of the entire brand. The BMW 3 Series is largely responsible for the eruption of the sports sedan market around the turn of the century. In modern guise, the BMW 3 Series still serves as one of the most athletic sports sedans you can choose, with a range of customizable options available for added personalization.

BMW 4 Series

Slightly larger than the 2 Series, the BMW 4 Series can also only be had in coupe form. The more generous proportions make it an appealing choice for those who want the sportiness and sharp styling of a coupe while enjoying a roomier interior layout.

BMW 5 Series

The BMW 5 Series can serve as almost any type of sedan. You can customize it to be a large sports sedan, a comfortable grand tourer, or something in between. No matter how you build your BMW 5 Series, though, it’s going to come loaded with some of the market’s most impressive infotainment and connectivity technology.

BMW 7 Series

The largest 4-door sedan within the BMW lineup is the charming and elegant BMW 7 Series. With sublime interior quality underlying a beautiful exterior shape, the BMW 7 Series always make a statement upon arrival. Even when exuding that most luxurious glow, the BMW 7 Series can be outfitted with engines that offer well over 500 horsepower!

BMW 8 Series

Finally we come to the BMW 8 Series, a coupe-only model which blurs the line between sedan and supercar. From the quality of the interior craftsmanship to the sizzling engine options under the hood, the BMW 8 Series is a talisman for the BMW brand. Only a brief test drive is necessary to fall deeply in love with this car, and really, you may only need to see it in person to know it’s the car of your dreams!

Discover More About BMW Sedans

The BMW model lineup is always appealing, especially when you dive into their eclectic grouping of sedans. To test drive any BMW sedan around D’lberville, Biloxi, and Gulfport, Mississippi, come by Galleria BMW!