New Safety Features in the BMW 6 Series

In the market for a full-size luxury car? Look no further because the BMW 6 Series has everything that you will want and need in a spacious luxury vehicle.

The new BMW 6 Series is equipped with the Lane Departure Warning system to help drivers stay safe behind the wheel. The radar scans the road surface to see if drifting occurs, if it does, the steering wheel is going to vibrate until the driver takes the appropriate action. Once corrected, the radar resumes scanning the road to protect the driver. 

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BMW 4 Series Features and Overview

Have you seen the new BMW 4 Series? It's the latest from the master engineers at BMW. The latest lineup from this German car maker includes some fine-tuned engines that put out the kind of horsepower you don't typically see in a standard luxury vehicle. However, BMW has really upgraded the 4 Series to include more safety features, better infotainment features, and higher horsepower.

The standard BMW 4 Series delivers a turbo engine, but you can upgrade to a variety of trims, like the BMW 4 Series Gran Turismo that puts out a ton of horsepower with a…

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BMW 3 Series: Still the Leader After All These Years

For over 40 years, the venerable BMW 3 Series has been the standard of luxury. Whether you choose the sedan, sports wagon or Gran Turismo, even the most discerning driver will feel confident with their choice of BMW 3 Series.

This popular luxury car offers the latest in innovative technology while still showcasing its iconic roots. The Full-Color Head-Up Display enables drivers to keep their eyes on the road yet still be aware of all pertinent information. The iDrive system gives the drivers control of their experience by giving them control of the car's connectivity functions. 

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The BMW 5 Series has Much to Offer

The BMW 5 Series sedan is a popular midsize luxury sedan and a great vehicle to keep you comfortable and happy on the road. You will feel proud driving this sedan.

The BMW 5 Series helps your passengers in the rear of the vehicle be entertained by giving you the option to have an entertainment system in place for them. The BMW 5 Series also helps those passengers in the rear of the vehicle stay comfortable and warm by giving you the option to heat up their seats. Your passengers will love riding in this vehicle. 

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BMW Series 2 Overview

The BMW 2 Series is turning heads with it's all new design and modern technology features. German engineering takes it up a notch with fine-tuned engines that deliver power even in the base model. The base engine in the 230i is a twin-turbocharged 2.0-liter engine with four cylinders, delivering 248 horsepower and still getting 35 mpg on the highway. It's above average for competitors in the small luxury car market.

The M240i is another powerful trim that delivers much more horsepower with a 3.0-liter six-cylinder engine that delivers 335 horsepower. 

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Taking The BMW 7 Series To The Next Level

We are excited about the BMW 7 Series. Life is at the Apex because all models come equipped with an twin-turbo V12 engine capable of getting from 0 to 60 in seconds and an Active Kidney Grille that helps regulate air flow for a better boost in performance.

A lavish lounge experience is not only regulated to first-class flights, it can be experience inside a luxury vehicle. The BMW 7 Series have full-size luxury performance vehicles with deluxe systems where relaxation is a must, complimented by heated armrest when the leather seat is reclined and a massaging effect. 

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What do the Numbers Mean on Engine Oil?

Every engine needs oil to run properly. The oil you put in your engine has a number on it, like 10W-40. These numbers actually have to do with the viscosity of the oil, and each engine is designed to run with an oil with a specific viscosity.

Viscosity is a property that determines how easily a fluid flows. A high viscosity fluid, like molasses, resists flow much more than a low viscosity fluid, like water. The two numbers on a bottle of engine oil are viscosity values. The first number is the viscosity of the oil in cold temperatures. 

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Your Car’s Alternator is Paramount for an Efficient Electrical System

Once you start your engine, there is work required for the electrical system to operate efficiently. Although the battery supplies the electrical power to turn the engine over, the alternator is the part that actually keeps the electrical system operating. The alternator generates the electrical current to recharge the battery, while it also produces electrical current to components, such as headlights, the radio, and windshield wipers, just as a few examples.

Typically, when an alternator becomes deficient, the next thing to follow is a dead battery. 

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Notice Fluid Leaks? It Could be a Gasket

If you have noticed fluid leaking from your car, such as by the appearance of a stain in your driveway where your car is parked, then you need to consider having your gaskets checked. This is a problem that will not go away, and could to potentially cause serious damage to your car. Having the problem diagnosed will help to prevent expensive repairs later.

You may not think that the leak appears to be serious, but these problems only get worse over time. 

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Reasons Why Your Tire Pressure Warning is Illuminated

The tire pressure indicators on the dashboard of your car will alert you to potential tire issues. Consider a few reasons why it may be lit before hitting the road.

If something is stuck in the tire, air may be escaping. Never remove the item; an auto service technician can remove it correctly and repair the tire. Take a closer look at the tire for anything that looks out of the ordinary. The side walls should not have any bulges or cracks that could compromise the tires. 

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