The 3,000-Mile Rule No Longer Applies

We here at Galleria BMW have all of the necessary information that you may need when it comes to finding out exactly how many miles you can safely put on your engine between oil changes. If you are in the greater D’Iberville, MS area, then please feel free to stop by our service center and one of our highly skilled technicians can better inform you on more cost-savvy oil change practices.

Have you ever heard of the 3,000-mile rule when it comes to oil changes? If you have not, this rule states that a vehicle must have its oil changed every 3,000 miles or it runs the risk of voiding its warranty and causing damage to the engine’s internal components. Well, this may have been true in the past, but it is no longer a standard in the present day. Due to major advancements in the oil refining process as well as new technology implemented in automotive engines, this number has greatly increased from 3,000 miles. Let us give you the facts for your vehicle by stopping by today.

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