The Value of Correct Headlight Replacement Services

Long gone are the days when the at-home mechanic could pop off the headlight housing and plug in a new bulb. Not only is removing the headlight incredibly difficult in the first place, newer headlights have multiple bulbs, and often those bulbs are set at very precise levels in order to maximize visibility.

Setting the bulbs at a specific level and angle serves a couple of different purposes, and here at Galleria BMW in D'Iberville, MS, we are able to precisely set your headlights to the automaker's specifications. The first purpose is to allow for a brighter than normal bulb to be used as the regular beams. This is possible because the angle of the beam will not shine into the eyes of oncoming drivers. Secondly, it focuses the beam itself in a way that maximizes the amount of light reaching the roadway, instead of spilling off to the sides.

Failure to properly level and align your headlights can result in the temporary blinding of oncoming drivers, and reduce your visibility at night. Do not take a chance on your safety or the safety of others. Bring your vehicle to our BMW parts and repair shop for service today.

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