What to Bring Along for Your Holiday Travels

Every year, drivers in most parts of the United States have to deal with cold temperatures, ice and snow, and every year, many drivers are not prepared for the harsher conditions. This is especially true for the D’Iberville, MS community, as we head up North to visit with friends or family for the much-deserved holiday break. Many of us forget to take it a bit slower or brake earlier on slippery roadways, and often end up stuck in an icy situation.

In these situations, there are a few options available and if you have them handy, you can get yourself out of some very frustrating situations. Some products, like salt-based snow melt are great for melting the ice or snow but will dissolve swiftly when applied to an icy surface. Keeping a bag of sand or kitty litter in your trunk can be a better solution for getting unstuck in snow or icy conditions. Kitty litter will also absorb much of the moisture from the air inside of your car which can reduce frosting.

Winter is here and it is time to make sure your vehicle is ready for the season. Bring it in to Galleria BMW in D'Iberville, MS today and be safe.

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