BMW Refines the 2018 M5, Adds AWD, and Impressively Configurable Performance

Although five generations of BMW M5 with pure, RWD thrills may make the sixth generation model that debuted this week seem like an outlier with standard AWD, we see it as merely adding more skillsets. More powerful and somehow lighter by 200 lbs., the 2018 M5 will arrive in the spring with 600 horses and 553 lb-ft of torque to play with from a twin-turbo V8.

About the standard all-wheel drive, then. Yes, an M-tuned xDrive system is compulsory, and is the default when you turn the ignition on. While it goes from standstill to sixty in 3.2 seconds with fore and aft axles driven, you can also decrease the front wheel’s involvement by stepping down from 4WD mode to 4WD Sport. 2WD mode nixes power to the front axles entirely, and also Dynamic Stability Control, leaving the Active M Sport differential out back to split power as needed.

However you like your performance tailored, you can also configure your next new BMW to your liking before getting behind the wheel. For assistance, contact the experts at our D’Iberville, MS showroom to get started on a build, ask questions, schedule an appointment, or let us know your interest in a future model like the M5.

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